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The Warehouse

of Hin Bus Depot, Georgetown

Nestled within the walls of a once-forgotten warehouse, Au Jardin, our French-inspired local fine dining establishment, beckons you with an invitation to step "Into the garden." As you make your way through the private garden entrance, you'll be greeted by lush greenery that sets the tone for an enchanting dining experiences. Our restaurant's name, Au Jardin, translates to "Into the garden" in French, and this theme of natural beauty and tranquillity permeates every corner of our establishment.

Established in 2018, Restaurant au Jardin has been offering an unforgettable dining experience that seamlessly blends the beauty of nature with the artistry of French cuisine.

In 2022, Restaurant au Jardin was awarded one Michelin star. Proud moment being one of Malaysia’s first recipients of the much coveted Michelin star.


Our Story

At Restaurant Au Jardin, every dish tells a story, and every memorable moment is crafted by the hands and hearts of our remarkable team. To narrate our restaurant's story and experience, we owe it all to the people who wake up before the sun rises, meticulously selecting the freshest ingredients. They stay late into the night, perfecting each dish and practicing service sequences to ensure it tells a story worth sharing.

Their selfless commitment is the secret ingredient that makes your dining experience truly special. We are dedicated to discovering, grooming, and training new talents to continue providing you with extraordinary dining experiences.

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Meet The Team

Accolades & Affliation

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